A bluesy-kick-ass-funky-rock-bastards band!





[PT] Via Nocturna (Pedro Carvalho)




Ricardo Marques e os seus The Ramble Riders já tinham deixado boas indicações com o EP Mexican Ride de que ali para os lados do Porto estava em germinação um interessante projeto no espectro do hard rock. A confirmação não demorou muito a surgir e acontece com o longa duração de estreia Super Fat Bitch, um disco na linha descendência direta de Allman Bros. ou Led Zeppelin com uma áurea blues sempre muito presente. Times Are Gonna Change, num registo bem sujo, cheio de groove, com as guitarras muito orientadas para monstruosos riffs e até com algum stoner/doom dá o mote para o resto dos temas que permitirão uma agradável viagem poeirenta e ritmada (Super Fat Bitch), com a companhia de boas malhas hard rock (Money Stench), com inclusões de algum experimentalismo e psicadelismo (Feel Alive) e até algo que se pode considerar como estruturas prog (Dizzy) para terminar numa bluesy Long Journey. A meio, uma paragem para abastecer com o curto interlúdio The Hangover. O que se percebe é uma evolução notória com o coletivo mais coeso e a dedicar mais atenção a cada detalhe. E sendo certo que, numa primeira audição, os temas podem parecer menos apelativos do que anteriormente apresentado, isso é porque há mais trabalho escondido que se vai revelando a cada passagem. E isso é outra das marcas de maturidade que cada vez mais vai toldando este projeto nortenho, porque, indubitavelmente, os The Ramble Riders estão no bom caminho.


[PT] Threshold Magazine (Rui Gameiro)




Os The Ramble Riders são um quinteto do Porto que se auto-intitula de “A bluesy-kick-ass-funky-rock-bastards band". No final de Janeiro editaram o seu novo longa-duração Super Fat Bitch. Trata-se de um álbum que assenta sobretudo no blues e no hard rock, sendo notórias as influências de Wolfmother e claro, Led Zeppelin. Após ouvir as 9 canções, fica-se com a sensação que nada de novo nasce neste novo trabalho. É difícil fugir às influências e trazer algo de original para este género, contudo representa um bom esforço da banda, mantendo a coerência ao longo do álbum. O grande destaque de Super Fat Bitch vai para “Feel Alive” e para a faixa título.


[EN] FORKSTER'S Daily Band Review



The Ramble Riders are a jolting and soaring rock band, absolutely loved their overall music definitions! Their music overall rock tones were filled with huge fillings of blues, funk and good ole' rock n' roll! I see nothing less than these rockers thrilling live audiences everywhere, rock music fans will love this band! -Forkster

Vivacious, Bluesy Rock N' Roll Airs Roaring Mighty Out Of These Impressive Portuguese Unsigned Rockers!


[EN] Desert Highways



Sometimes a CD just arrives at the right time. I pulled it out of the P.O. Box and opened the envelope while waiting in line inside the post office. The simple yet cool artwork drew me in and I put it straight into the CD player when I got back into the car.

The Ramble Riders have named themselves well. It's a perfect soundtrack for riding along dusty dirt tracks in the desert on horseback, sun staring down on your back and just getting up to no good with your mates. That description may make it sound like stoner but it's not, it's bluesy with loads of good time southern rock. Think the swagger of the Black Crowes, a few parts of Led Zeppelin along the way; some of the solo's even remind me of Billy Duffy from The Cult. Honestly, there is nothing really ground breaking on this EP but that's fine, every release you hear doesn't have to be the next big thing to make you want to own it. This release however, makes you want to play it every time you feel like doing shots of tequila and dancing on table tops.

There's a lot of Axl Rose in the vocals but as long as there are no lycra bike shorts, it's all good. There's even some Guns 'n' Roses in the guitars at times too and it's the guitars that grab me the most; syrupy one minute, fuzzy and warm the next and some pretty sweet sounding solo's full of classic kick arse rock.


[PT] Via Nocturna (Pedro Carvalho)




Depois do fim dos Us & Them, Ricardo Marques de pronto continuou a trabalhar na criação de hard rock. Não só com o seu trabalho a solo, Downtown editado digitalmente no ano passado, mas já antes, sempre na companhia de Vasco Pereira, com os The Ramble Riders. E Mexican Ride é o primeiro resultado apresentado pelo quinteto.
Sem surpresa os The Ramble Riders praticam rock, com tudo o que a este termo possa estar associado: hard rock, blues rock e southern rock. Sonoridade poeirenta, completamente retro (embora nunca desatualizada!) num conjunto de cinco temas cheios de grandes guitarradas fortemente enraizadas nos anos 60 e 70. E também algum funk, mais notório, por exemplo, nos ritmos sacados ao baixo de Vasco Pereira em Why?, tema de abertura que logo ali agarra o ouvinte. Amantes de Led Zeppelin e afins, Mexican Ride é um trabalho que urge descobrir. Ainda por cima está disponível para download gratuito nossites da banda. Aproveitem e disfrutem mais um excelente trabalho de hard rock oriundo da cada vez mais relevante cena nacional.


[PT] Ora Escuitttaaa!!! (Henrique Ferreira)



Oriundo da cidade do Porto, hoje, dia 19 de Janeiro, trago até Vós, em estreia absoluta, o primeiro trabalho editado dos The Ramble Riders! Nos dias que correm e com o evoluir dos tempos, o som deles não poderia ser hoje catalogado de metal, mas antes de rock.
Assim, com um o poderoso som Blues, Groove and Rock 'n' Roll a banda que se segue tem o dom e a mestria de remeter o seu som para um universo muito próximo do metal dos anos 80's, para bandas como Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Anthrax, Overkill, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Alice Cooper e muitos mais...
Ora escuitttaaa!!!
Nota: 5*****


[EN] Rockulus Maximus




This classic rock five-piece hail from Porto in Portugal and appreciate their 70s era rock. Nothing wrong with that is what I say and I was thoroughly pleased to witness this land in my inbox out of the blue. They are starting out on what will hopefully be a long journey down the dusty road of Rock'n'Roll with this debut five-tracker; an E.P. that has soul and groove with bucket-loads of sincerity.

What they lack in originality they make up for in energy and determination and despite the title implying Mexican flavours flying around, what you get instead is something along the lines of groove and feeling. There is a slight accent from the lead vocalist Hugo Sousa that suggests this isn't an American or British combo pedaling their trade, and paying homage to the greats that knew how to play riffs in arena-sized environments. No, these guys are kicking open the saloon doors and celebrating their home country of Portugal, and it adds a little personality for its trouble.

"Why?" fades in before delivering the swagger that is lurking beneath. It got the ol' toes tapping and made me crank up the volume as I listened intently. It contains a quirky stop-start section which allows some bass plucking by Vasco Pereira to blossom. The playing isn't about virtuosity or eye-popping skill, the sense you get when listening to these five tracks and this opening song is that they're a band, a unit, who are all supporting each other. I like that.

"My Ground" is the next song that soaks the ears in bluesy vibes and in this instance offers up some attitude to boot. Listen out for some tasty keys as the organ shimmers in the Portuguese haze. The riff is the prominent beating heart on each of these five tracks and then your ear finds itself being drawn in to the mix and appreciating the other contributions. If the drums had a little more body then I feel the songs would translate with more power.
The rest of The Ramble Riders line-up consists of Ricardo Marques on guitar, Nuno Franqueira on guitar and backing vocals with João Melo handling the drumsticks. Some lead guitar provides the refrain that begins the third track "Breathe" and despite sounding familiar and treading well-trodden paths, it does maintain the interest. Following on its footsteps with real intent is a cool riff signalling the arrival of "Shine". There's a cool guitar solo as the song kicks the dust in the eyes and is a highlight for this reviewer.

The final song starts out with a count in that reaches the number two before we're up and running once more. It's not one of the strongest songs on this release, but it's not a disgrace either. Overall, this being a debut extended player and hoping for plenty more mileage to come, I'd not be tempted to write these guys off. They are a band that know their identity and know what they love. They play well together as a unit and with a decent production value they could make these songs sound very impressive. The quality is sufficient, informing the listener about all they need to know about their sound and style, but isn't going to impress the hardiest of Rock fans. We all get spoiled by the mixes of albums these days due to the advancement of technology, so it's easy to be negative about an up and coming band and their valiant attempts to record their creativity, but I'll refrain from those sort of comments.

If you're really in to your classic sounding rock music and wish to soak up something fresh from a band you've never heard before, you could do a lot worse than pick this up and give it a spin.